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Photo Gallery

Described as ‘One of the country’s truly great gardens’ by Country Life magazine, Borde Hill is a spectacularly beautiful and historic garden, as seen in the incredible photos below. Boasting exotic specimens, champion trees and rare plants collected by the great Victorian travellers, Borde Hill is truly the best of all worlds.

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Azalea Ring photos [4]Garden of Allah photos [5]Italian Garden photos [6]Azalea Ring [4]
Garden of Allah [5]
Italian Garden and Paradise Walk [6]

Old Rhododendron Garden photos [7]Round Dell photos [8]Rose and Mediterranean Gardens [9]Old Rhododendron garden [7]
Round Dell [8]
Rose and Mediterranean Gardens [9]

South Lawn photos [10]West Garden photos [11]Long Dell and old Potting Sheds [12]South Lawn [10]
West Garden [11]
Long Dell and Old Potting Sheds [12]

North Park photos [13]South Park and Lakes [14]Woodland Walk photos [15]North Park [13]
South Park and Lakes [14]
Woodland [15]

Events photos [16]Close ups [17]Events [16] for family and friends
Close-ups [17] of flowers

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