Azalea Ring

This area was one of the first areas to be planted by Col. Stephenson R Clarke at the turn of the twentieth century. Whilst being severely hit in the great storm of 1987, a number of unusual trees remain, alongside the magnolias that are magnificent in March.

Most of the azaleas were selected from the famous Knaphill strain, bred by the two Antony Waterers, father and son, over a 60 year period. The flowers are better formed and cleaner in colour than many of the more modern hybrids.

During May, the deciduous azaleas transform the area with a stunning kaleidoscope of colour and scents that glorify the air. In the autumn, the deciduous azaleas give a wonderful display of colour with a centrepiece of magnificent Cornus kousa.

Interesting Plants

  • Cornus¬†kousa
  • Camellia sasanqua
  • Emmenopterys henryi
  • Halesia carolina (syn tetraptera)
  • Fothergilla major
  • Magnolia campbellii