1st August 2022 – 30th September 2022 all-day
Included in admission
Andrew Loin
01444 450326

Borde Hill has been an inspiration for horticulturalists and artists for generations and this summer we are proud to continue this tradition by displaying the artistic response to the beauty of nature, countryside and gardens.

Visitors will be able to explore the historical Garden, renowned for its rare shrubs and champion trees, where they will discover approximately 40 affordable works by established and up-and-coming artists inspired by both flora and fauna.

In addition to an enticing selection of garden sculptures, the exhibition will also include a number of  smaller works displayed within the Green Tree Gallery. Uniting the work is their common fascination with the beauty of nature, the countryside and the feelings they evoke within us.

Artists to be confirmed

Admission included in standard entry price.

For more information or to submit work for consideration, please contact us at sculptureandart@bordehill.co.uk