Borde Hill Fishing Syndicate

Borde Hill runs a private fishing syndicate on the lakes in the parkland of the estate. There is no closed season and night fishing is permitted for members. This is a private syndicate run by the members, and day tickets are not available.

The main lake, Robertsmere, is a prolific carp fishery with large numbers of fish with the typical size range 4lb – 12lb, and larger specimens can be caught to over 20lb. There are also plenty of roach and perch, and occasional big eels. Successful methods include pole fishing, float or feeder fishing, legering and the use of floating baits. Even fly fishing has been known to produce results. There is a second smaller lake above Robertsmere that also contains carp together with silver fish and a recent stocking of small tench.

Membership runs from 1st June – 31st May for an annual fee of £100.

For more information, or to apply, call David Hughes on 01444 474312 (before 9 pm only please) or...