Old Potting Sheds

At the end of 19th century, there were 27 gardeners working full-time at Borde Hill. Their job was to provide fruit and vegetables for the house as well as propagate material for the formal gardens.

These former potting sheds formed the heart of the working garden. Here, plants were propagated either from cuttings or grown from seeds.

Today, the remaining walls create an attractive shelter for tender and unusual species from the southern hemisphere, particularly South Africa and Chile.

There are two small rooms at each corner. One has a stone table that was a millstone used for grinding wheat. The other one, with the trough, has a number of plants originating from New Zealand, including Corokia virgata and Sollya heterophylla.

Interesting Plants

  • Azara petiolaris
  • Feijoa sellowiana
  • Crinodendron patagua
  • Drimys lanceolata
  • Abutilon megapotamicum
  • Scleranthus biflorus
  • Indigofera amblyantha
  • Correa backhousiana
  • Sophora macrophylla ‘Sun king’
  • Prumnopitys taxifolia