Video Gallery

Welcome to our set of videos of Borde Hill Garden

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– Introduction and History – Play
– Something for Everyone – Play
– Overview – Play

Some aerial views of the garden (HD with no sound except first two)
– Aerial views to music by Eric Lumiere – Play
– Collage of fly-by views – Play
– Flyby from the lakes and over the house with Autumn colour – Play
– Paradise Walk – with music by Eric Lumiere – Play
– Autumn colour over the Garden – Play
– Italian Garden with sculptures in June – Play
– Jay Robin’s Rose Garden from 400ft up! – Play

We also have some snippets
– Italian Garden fountain in April – Play
– Azalea ring on a breezy morning – Play
– Sculptures on a sunny morning – Play
– Plant fair in South Park – Play
– bb Collective band playing 60’s music for our 50th anniversary – Play

And there are some other videos too…
– Gardening Inspirations
— “Meet the Head Gardener” – Play
— “Autumn gardening tips” – Play

– Trailer for Through the Fire (outdoor shots at Borde Hill) – Play

– Historic Houses Association – HHA video

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