Video Gallery

Welcome to our set of videos of Borde Hill Garden

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(c) – please note that our photos and videos are copyright but we allow the public to copy them for non commercial use as long as they credit that they are of Borde Hill Garden.

– Introduction and History – Play
– Something for Everyone – Play
– Overview – Play

Some aerial views of the garden (HD with no sound except first three)
– Aerial views to music by Eric Lumiere – Play
– Collage of fly-by views – Play
– Paradise Walk – with music by Eric Lumiere – Play
– Flyby from the lakes and over the house with Autumn colour – Play
– Autumn colour over the Garden – Play
– Italian Garden with sculptures in June – Play
– Jay Robin’s Rose Garden from 400ft up! – Play
– Cloudscape – tree tops on a foggy Spring morning – Play

We also have some snippets
– Italian Garden fountain in April – Play
– Azalea ring on a breezy morning – Play
– Sculptures on a sunny morning – Play
– Plant fair in South Park – Play
– bb Collective band playing 60’s music for our 50th anniversary – Play

And there are some other videos too…
– Gardening Inspirations
— “Meet the Head Gardener” – Play
— “Autumn gardening tips” – Play

– Trailer for Through the Fire (outdoor shots at Borde Hill) – Play

– Historic Houses Association – HHA video

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